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Research Analyst


The analyst:

1) Performs programming and analyst tasks using SPSS, WinCATI, Microsoft Office, and other software as appropriate. Analyst duties to be assigned and monitored by the Assistant Director or Senior Research Analyst.

Programs questionnaires in Ci3/Sensus.

Sets up telephone interview studies in WinCATI.

Sets up databases in Microsoft Access.

Processes, loads, and manages sample for use in WinCATI or mail-out surveys.

Merges, modifies, and edits data files as needed for analysis or for use as sampling databases.

Prepares and labels SPSS data files for analysis and reporting.

Analyzes survey results data, including frequences, crosstabulations, means tables, multivariate analyses, and tests of statistical significance.

Prepares graphs and tables in Microsoft Excel, Word, and other software as appropriate.

2) Acts as Project Coordinator for survey projects assigned.

Prepares timelines for assigned projects.

Assists with budget preparation and budget revisions for assigned projects.

Maintains communication with clients on survey projects.

Submits brief weekly written report on project progress to Assistant Director and reports on project progress, needs, and plans at weekly project scan meeting.

Maintains communication with project team using email and team meetings as necessary.

Monitors expenditures of effort by staff to ensure that projects stay within budget.

Coordinates with Assistant Director regarding scheduling or resource problems affecting timely completion of assigned projects.

Coordinates with Center Director, Assistant Director, or Principal Investigator of project regarding any issues affecting survey quality.

3) Assists with drafting and editing of project reports and methodological reports as assigned.

4) Attends general staff meetings and participates in management task teams as assigned.

5) Assists with Level I computing support tasks as assigned by Senior Research Analyst.

6) May occasionally be assigned to other tasks at the discretion of the Director.

Candidate must have a Master's Degree in the social sciences, with some experience in programming and data analysis. Knowledge of SPSS required. Understanding of statistical techniques for the social sciences required. Familiarity with CATI software and experience with Sawtooth WinCATI is preferred.