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CSR Acquires Qualtrics Technology

The Center for Survey Research is excited to announce our purchase of Qualtrics, a research suite that is already improving our ability to conduct sophisticated, user-friendly online surveys.  Qualtrics offers a very intuitive point-and-click user interface that reduces survey development time and makes project management more efficient.

Additionally, Qualtrics allows researchers and clients to collaborate on questionnaire design and data reporting.  Data can be analyzed as it is collected.  Users can create report templates with graphs, charts, and tables that will re-populate in real time.  Qualtrics allows CSR to focus more attention on the essence of the survey project because less time is needed for managing technical details.

For more information about Qualtrics, visit their websiteContact CSR today to learn more about how Qualtrics can help you conduct first-rate surveys in partnership with CSR.