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AAPOR Cell Phone Cost Reports

In 2009, the AAPOR Cell Phone Task Force assembled a group of survey researchers to explore emerging issues related to using cell phone numbers in survey research.  At the request of the Cost Subcomittee of the Task Force, survey research firms from around the country were asked to share their experiences and perspectives.  This research produced a number of reports, including:

  • "The Variable Costs of Cell Phone Interviewing: Understanding Cost and Productivity Ratios in Dual-Frame Telephone Surveys," a paper presented at AAPOR's 2010 annual meeting.
  • A powerpoint presentation accompanying the paper at AAPOR's 2010 annual meeting.
  • "Cost and Productivity Ratios in Dual-Frame RDD Telephone Surveys," an article in the journal Survey Practice.

This work was summarized in the "Cost" chapter of the full task force report, entitled "New Considerations for Survey Researchers When Planning and Conducting RDD Telephone Surveys in the U.S. With Respondents Reached via Cell Phone Numbers."

All of these documents can be accessed below.  Additionally, in 2012, a new cost survey with a larger sample of organizations was carried out by Thomas Guterbock and Deborah Rexrode of the UVa Center for Survey Research and Andy Peytchev of RTI International.  Their new findings were reported in a powerpoint presentation at AAPOR's 2013 annual meeting.  This presentation is also accessible below.